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Comprehensive Corporate Strategies.
CCS provides meaningful effective solutions in a simple honest approach. There are no magic boxes, no too good to be true arrangements in this market. We communicate the value proposition and costs of our proposals and allow our clients to make educated and informed decisions regarding the relative merits of these arrangements. We view this as a simple and necessary concept but one too often ignored.
The banking industry is facing major competitive challenges and substantial competition for mission critical executives. Bank Owned Life Insurance represents an attractive way to increase shareholder value and offset the cost of executive programs as well as general employee benefit obligations.

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For Profit Organizations
Business owners face an ongoing battle between keeping employee benefit expenses in check and retaining executives in the face of growing competition for key services. This challenge is increased based on the growing cost and dilutive effect of traditional equity alternatives (options and grants). Non-Qualified executive benefit programs offer a competitive and cost effective way of meeting this challenge.

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Credit Union
Like banks, credit unions are offering increasingly sophisticated services to their customers and in turn require increasingly sophisticated management to achieve their business plans. Appropriately structured executive benefit programs can be financed in a way that allows the organization to secure an executive's services, pay benefits as required and ultimately recover the costs of the program for members.

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Many Not-for-Profits have complex business models and require highly talented executives to maintain their position. These organizations have found it increasingly valuable to implement specially designed executive retention alternatives to secure their key management talent.

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CCS supports executive benefit programs and general employee benefit financing in a number of key markets.
  • Banks and Bank Owned Life
  • Insurance Credit Unions
  • For Profit Organizations
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Physicians Practices
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