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Innovative Financing of Employee Benefit Obligations
In today's competitive environment recruiting and retaining top caliber employees is an absolute priority. Of course, direct compensation represents an important foundation of any strategy. However, most organizations recognize that salary and bonus structures are easy to match and provide little retention value. Equity based arrangements have also become quite expensive. Effectively designed non-qualified benefit arrangements have become an increasingly critical component of any effective executive reward and retention program.
Executive and employee benefit financing can be complex, involving overlapping regulatory requirements, adherence to strict tax directives and an ongoing understanding of changing oversight and disclosure rules. CCS is committed to educating our clients at each step of the process and ensuring they understand their programs and how they are performing.
  • Superior Program Design
  • Consistent Communication
  • Meaningful Program Results
  • Relaible, Accurate Reporting
Comprehensive Corporate Strategies focuses on the unique needs of the executive benefits and employee benefits financing markets. We provide comprehensive support from plan design through plan reporting. We specialize in the following key areas.
  • General Non-Qualified Benefit Programs
  • Supplemental Executive Retirement Programs
  • Deferred Compensation Programs
  • Executive Bonus Arrangements
  • Executive Long Term Care
  • Disability Supplement Arrangements
  • Specialized Income Deferral Programs
  • Physicians
  • Athletes
  • High Net Worth Business Owners
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