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Regardless of market or business strategy, all successful organizations find a way to attract and retain top quality employees. In fact the competition for highly qualified employees and executives has grown so rapidly that most organizations list employee recruiting and retention as one of their top priorities. Benefit consultants estimate the cost of replacing and training fully operational professional employees at one year's salary. For top management, this cost can easily exceed three times salary.

At the same time, employee and executive benefit costs continue to increase at a rate far beyond general inflation rates. This forces organizations into a razors edge balance between an effective employee population and burgeoning employee benefit costs.

Why Choose CCS

Comprehensive Corporate Strategies was established to help organizations deal with this challenge. We provide a full array of employee benefit solutions which have proven highly successful at attracting and retaining the best employees and executives. More importantly, we offer organizations financially attractive financing strategies to reduce the impact of employee benefit programs. These time-proven strategies have been used by most of the nation's largest corporations for over thirty years, with excellent results. CCS offers comprehensive analysis, design, implementation and servicing of employee and executive benefit programs, as well as specialized financing vehicles used to support these programs.

CCS principals each have over twenty years of experience in this market and have overseen the implementation of over six hundred programs ranging from Fortune 100 size firms to small privately owned businesses. Our experts act as our client's extended staff, ensuring seamless implementation and long term program management.

What is Bank Owned Life Insurance? - Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) is a financing transaction involving the purchase of specially designed life insurance policies on the lives of key bank executives and directors. The bank is the owner and beneficiary of these tax efficient policies, which provide the bank with the ability to offset the cost of new or existing benefit programs, while providing a tax effected return in excess of other bank authorized investments.

Why is BOLI so Attractive? - Bank owned life insurance provides preferential returns due to a variety of factors, including the bank's access to low cost funds, the underlying insurance company portfolio composition and the fact that earnings on Bank Owned Life Insurance assets are not taxed when credited and are converted to tax free receipts upon the death of the insured (subject to AMT status).

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Guerry P. Magidson
Guerry is a founding Principal of Comprehensive Corporate Strategies (CCS). He has over twenty years experience in the design and financing of executive benefit programs. He was formerly President and Director of MAGNER.NETWORK'S Retirement Services market initiative. Prior to joining MAGNER.NETWORK, he served as Chairman, President and co-founder of The Benefit Marketing Group, Inc. (BENMARK). BENMARK is an industry leader in the area of Bank Owned Life Insurance and Executive Benefit Programs for financial institutions.
Stephen R. Roy
Steve is a founding Principal of Comprehensive Corporate Strategies (CCS). He has over twenty years experience in the financial services industry, primarily focused on the design, development and placement of corporate funding and finance vehicles. He was with CIGNA for nine years, supporting specialized corporate financing programs. Subsequently, he was appointed Managing Director of Management Compensation Group, SE a Specialty Brokerage operation. Steve was a founding Principal and Executive Vice President of MAGNER.NETWORK, LLC., a financial services organization focusing on financial institutions.

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